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Tarptautiniu mastu pripažintos mokslo leidyklos išleistos monografijos ar jos dalys

  1. Petkevičius V., J. Vaitekūnas, D. Tauraitė, J. Stankevičiūtė, D. Vaitkus, J. Šarlauskas, N. Čėnas, R. Meškys. Whole-Cell Biocatalysis Using PmlABCDEF Monooxygenase and Its Mutants: A Versatile Toolkit for Selective Synthesis of Aromatic N-Oxides. In Applied Biocatalysis: The Chemist’s Enzyme Toolbox, 528-533. Ed. J. Whittall, P. Sutton, John Wiley&Sons Ltd.

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